Choumert Square

Summer Open Day in Choumert Square

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From Youtube: "An amazing collection of country cottages in Peckham. Beautiful homes, amazing gardens and lovely people. Opens just once a year for us to enjoy. Also had an art show for Chock Lee."  This is a lovely Sunday each June, our very own local village fete. Each year I am there with The Peckham Society, and Bellenden Residents' Group, stall in a corner. We have some wonderful conversations about local things, meeting new local people and visitors and developing links with existing members and contacts. This 10 minute video from Youtube captures some of the enjoyment of the day. If you live in this area this is an event not to be missed.

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Choumert Sq snow

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Keith Hoy

I am retired and have lived in Bellenden Rd for ten years, I am endlessly fascinated by Choumert Sq, having seen it over the years and seasons. Its an Oasis of calm with some really nice residents and many mad Cats. In any season, Choumert Sq is an unfailing antidote to our mad PC ridden world.

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