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Boris Johnson: Bakerloo line extension to Peckham's “time has come”.

Evening Standard 19 March 2013

Boris Johnson today raised hopes of extending the Bakerloo line further into south-east London by describing it as a £2 billion project whose “time has come”.

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Mayoral election: could London’s rail services become part of TfL?

From the Londonist  24 Feb 2012
Earlier this month, Boris Johnson set out his plans to bring London’s rail services under the control of City Hall and TfL in a bid to improve London’s transport.  Mainline rail routes into London are currently franchised to private companies with varying degrees of customer service, timeliness and efficiency and the mayor believes he can do a better job. A recent Telegraph poll suggests that over 75% of other people think he can do a better job too. So does Ken Livingstone, though obviously he’s planning in terms of himself being mayor rather than Boris. Let’s take a look at their plans for devolution of rail franchises in London:  Read more

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Extending the Bakerloo: on the wishlist only

From London Reconnections  White Knights and Wishlists: Northern and Bakerloo Line Extensions 23 January, 2012 by John Bull  link to full article

It has become a much publicised fact that the Bakerloo Line is the only one of London’s Tubes that currently has spare capacity. Given this, it is perhaps no surprise that there has been much talk of its extension.
TfL have confirmed that, as it stands, the best business case would see an extension to Hayes, with one of two routes likely (and almost certainly not Lewisham’s suggested scheme):
1) Hayes via Old Kent and Lewisham
2) Hayes via Peckham and Camberwell Green

TfL Planning Director Michelle Mix, speaking in front of the London Assembly Transport Committee last week, admitted that of these the first option had a far stronger business case due to the inclusion of New Cross.
Despite a strong business case and spare capacity, though, it is financing that once again means that a Bakerloo extension is currently a non-starter.

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Network Rail reveals more details of proposals to rebuild London Bridge Station.

The first images of the new station, designed by Grimshaw, were published last month but now some of the implications of the development are becoming known. The creation of a new ground-level concourse will have a major impact on the surrounding area, including the demolition of the South Eastern Railway building on Tooley Street  Read more in SE1 News ...

Why train departure information is not currently open data

This information is from blogsite Placr, a technical website for digital data and information

This post gives an explanation of why train departure information is not available as open data, and comments on whether Network Rail is a private company or a public company. The post looks at these issues which generate a lot of questions from tech developers. It attempts to explain why this is so and to let you know what the London DataStore has been doing about this in the meantime.

London Bridge Station redevelopment plans announced

From London SE1 Community Website  20 April 2011  
Network Rail has revealed more details of its proposals to rebuild London Bridge Station by 2018.
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When this work starts - at end 2012/beginning 2013 -  we will lose the South London Line (SLL) service between London Bridge and Victoria via Peckham Rye and Denmark Hill. This is because there will not be enough terminating platforms for the SLL to terminate there. Read more - click on heading.

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Bakerloo Tube link into SE London

From SLP 7 September 2010: Lewisham Council are considering the issues for extending the Bakerloo Line into SE London. There are several possibilities outlined in the Lewisham report. Even though it would cost over £2bn, it is not out of the question. It is a long term project and planning has to start now. Read article... or Read report (part 1part 2)

Train overcrowding fears as axe on SLL looms

from SLP 7 September 2010: When the South London Line is axed in 2012, the overcrowding at Clapham North on the Northern line will be severe. The funding for the Victoria - Bellingham and Bromley new service that was promised in mitigation was taken by TfL for the East London Line Extension to Clapham Junction. This means that Clapham High St and Wandsworth Rd stations will lose all their services direct into central London. Read article...

new Surrey Canal station - 'case of when not if'

from SLP 7 September: Private developers behind a huge regeneration project near Milwall in New Cross say the new Surrey Canal station will be built despite Government's refusal to fund it. Read article...

TV request for rail users' experience

Message to local rail users: Would you like to contribute, as a rail user, your experiences and comments for a documentary looking at conditions on the UK's rail network? An independent TV Production Company is interested in user views on recent reports of overcrowding, high cost of tickets and unreliable services on some lines. They would like to talk to anyone who is a regular passenger/commuter and has strong feelings on any or all of these subjects either way.

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