Doran Bros new built terrace on Ansdell Road 2011/12

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Rob Clark

There's a fascinating 'new build' coming to fruition at the North end of Ansdell Road where prefabs used to be. 'A builder's brotherhood' "Doran Bros" (Irish) I believe previously tending to label themselves 'jobbing' have come up in the world in 'my road'. They have, with a seeming Victorian spec, re-built nine new houses where nine houses used to be in a line (where WW2 houses were bombed and where four or so distinctive post war prefabs took up the space), and, in line with a kind of Victorian tradition abutt onto our old woebegone specs past their residential prime. This line of new houses looking pristine in London Stock, appointed with sashes (albeit in plastic), with uniform frontages, porches and back-ages supply a flavour (perhaps) of what a new built c.1900 Victorian terrace might have looked. Except, Doran Bros have given to their 2012 new built terrace satellite reception, attic rooms, solar facilities (so I was told), a kitchen layout at front (instead of reception) so that southern sun (one surmises) enjoys shining on more designed living sectors of the new-build. The 'Doran Ansdell Project' is soon to be completed bar tinkering here and there. E.g. ground levels have presented a problem where possible torrential rain may gush whether into designed gullies or over the thresholds to inundate one or two of the terraced property's hallways and kitchens...

All-in-all, its worth a nosy perusal at these new nine houses before the build is soon to be completed. And, if you do nose around - the sooner the better - since you will certainly recognise the unmistakeable dark-blue liveried Doran Bros van, maybe, hear an expletive in Irish accent which prevails upon one of Doran's 'European employees' who day after day look tense, hurried, fractious as they point a pier, lay a paving, carry a hod or 'whatever' always overlooked by either Doran brotherhood's beady eye for their 'Patrician perfection'.