Southwark Rail User's Group initial framework

In October 2007, the Southwark Rail Users' Group (SRUG) grew out of local residents' work in the Bellenden Residents Group and the Peckham Residents' Network. It is an informal grouping. From 2014, SRUG interests for Peckham Rye have been covered by Peckham Vision. Other relevant local groups cover their own stations. Occasional rail news is posted on this website by Peckham Vision.

Terms of Reference

In relation to the rail routes and stations serving Peckham Rye, Nunhead, South Bermondsey, Queens Road, Denmark Hill, East Dulwich, North Dulwich:

  1. To enable local rail users to get together
  2. To keep track of planning for rail services
  3. To get local rail users' perspectives into rail services planning
  4. To lobby for improvements to services & stations.


Any user or supporter of the rail services at the stations mentioned above could join the email list. Membership is as members of the email list. News is circualted via Peckham Vision email and Facebook for rail services but not for stations other than Peckham Rye. 


SRUG is an informal independent group made up of volunteers. A SRUG core group developed, which includes those local users who wish to learn more about the details of the local rail services - ie the technical and operational details - so that we can make informed comments and contributions to the planning and management of our local services.

The core group had several self-organised educational workshop sessions to set itself off in 2010, and then met about every two or three months to learn more as needed and to discuss current issues and agree aims, strategy and actions for SRUG. In between meetings, the core group members conducted by email a lively exchange in information and developments that are relevant to the local services, and agree actions as necessary.

Local users of the services in the SRUG remit, who are willing to spend time reading the relevant rail documents and contributing to the email discussions, were welcome to join the core group. Since 2014, there have been no meetings and some email exchanges.

Rail news for information is circulated to the Peckham Vision mailing list as necessary and posted on the SRUG website.