'Modern Railways' on the Victoria-Bellingham cut

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"London Bridge - Victoria cut proposal" is a front cover headline on June 2009 Modern Railways magazine.  see here: http://www.modern-railways.com/news/issues/latestissue.html

"Watchdog condemns South London service cut" is the article. Read article here

Here is a letter to the magazine in response:

From: John Stewart [mailto:jdm.stewart@virgin.net]
Sent: 04 June 2009 16:50
To: 'modern.railways@googlemail.com'
Subject: Letter for Publication

TfL London Rail Director Ian Brown is wrong to suggest that a Victoria to Bellingham service would largely duplicate East London Line (ELL2).  They serve different markets.  ELL2 is an orbital service.  A Victoria ? Bellingham service is, in essence, a radial service.  In addition to providing a fast, direct service to Victoria from Clapham High St and Wandsworth Road stations, it would provide a useful link between these stations in South West London and the stations in South East London on the Catford Loop.  Over the years the evidence gathered has consistently shown the lack of decent rail services between South East and South West London. It is short-sighted of TfL London Rail to cancel this service in order to save £24 million spread over a 10 year period.

John Stewart

Co-ordinator Lambeth Public Transport Group