Southern Station Manager report March 2010

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Report from the Station Manager's Corner March 2010:

  • From 30th April, everyone of my stations will be staffed from 1st to last service. This means from 0530 to 0030, they will be staffed by gate/platform staff or by Ticket Office Clerks where we have no barriers. So for example East/North Dulwich will be serviced by the clerks. I would like to think that there will never be an issue queuing for tickets once this is implemented
  • A new role has been created, again from 30th April, Rail Neighbourhood Officers will be patrolling train stations and services in conjunction with the British Transport Police
  • I have just signed a contract with a company to clean every single sign in my area (the old BR Logos at each station for example) They will will also be looking at some more deep cleans over the next few weeks
  • I have recently instructed another company to clear rubbish from stations, they took away in excess of 3.1 Tons, I was quite shocked by this
  • I have also instructed another company with a further 32k contarct to ensure every sign, poster frame, safety mirror is in absolute prime condition, they will also undertake minor works on platforms, remove grafitti on stations, highlight stairs where faded, these works are due to start in the next week and again this will cover everyone of my stations. This is quite a comprehensive program of works and too much to list here
  • East Dulwich hand rails have finally been signed off and will be installed this spring/summer (sorry for delay on this one)
  • Queens Road Peckham will finally see the works commence this summer/autumn for the new ticket office to be built on the ground level
  • Peckham Rye, all the grafitti has now been removed from the main tower and I am really pleased with this work. We are now looking at further renovations on platforms 1/2 as this can become quite overcrodwed due to buildings not being in use, the booking hall and stairs to 1 and 2 are also pencilled in for further works
  • The London Bridge and Streatham Hill Area (16 stations) will be renamed Metro East and this will see an increase of 40 staff to meet our obligations. In effect the two areas I manage will be come one * LondonBridge: The projects at this station are a little more in depth, however I can comment on the following. A brand new Gate Line mirroring Waterloo will be build this year and will be expected to finish in approxiamtely one year. As you come off the trains and enter the gates you can see and office block (my offices) that spans across the gates.The demolition of this block is due to commence on 1st June. I am currently working very closely with Network Rail and Mace to ensure there is no disruption to passenger flows when they commence works.
  • The "Shard" is due to finish in May 2012, part of this project will mean that London Brdige will get the much needed makeover that is needed when this phase is completed. Again I am working closely with companies ensuring the best for our passengers. My plan is to update you all with more of this project over the next few weeks. There is a viewing platform outside to the left of London Bridge and you can see already they have built up to floor 20, another 69 to go.

There is much more we are working on, however I will update you again very shortly as there is enough here to be getting on with. I welcome your comments or any suggestions to improve the service we provide at stations, please remember I do not cover train services but can forward to the right people.

Barry Jones, Station Manager