TV request for rail users' experience

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Message to local rail users: Would you like to contribute, as a rail user, your experiences and comments for a documentary looking at conditions on the UK's rail network? An independent TV Production Company is interested in user views on recent reports of overcrowding, high cost of tickets and unreliable services on some lines. They would like to talk to anyone who is a regular passenger/commuter and has strong feelings on any or all of these subjects either way.

They are also interested in what the major problems are on our local lines. This is a good opportunity to get across in addition therefore how users feel about any other rail issues, including the planned cut of the South London Line, the way our rail connections to central London (the radial lines) are gradually being cut, and the way south London is seriously disadvantaged in rail services compared with north of the river.

If you are interested please call Delphine Gilson on 020 7253 2782 or email them at  your contact details and a time to get in touch with you.  Their contact details are:
Delphine Gilson, Hardcash Productions Researcher
35 Waterside, 44-48 Wharf Road
London N1 7UX
Tel:  0207 253 2782