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Welcome. SRUG covers routes and stations serving Peckham Rye, Nunhead, South Bermondsey, Queens Road, Denmark Hill, East Dulwich, North Dulwich. See diagram. News items in date order below. See right hand column for topics.

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Southwark Council fights for South London Line at London Bridge

Southwark News 4th February 2010

Another battle which is being fought around the regeneration of the London Bridge Quarter is between Southwark Council and Network Rail.  No final decision had been made regarding platform arrangements at London Bridge, which currently threatens the South London Line.

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The vital rail link that should not be scrapped

The campaigners battling to save the South London Line have published a short report which argues that it is vital to retain the line if South London is ever to enjoy a train service which runs at a tube-like frequency 

The report shows that key stations in South London will suffer if the South London Line is withdrawn.

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Southern Railway January 2010 news

Here is the January 2010 news report from Southern Railway. This is of interest to users of the stations at East Dulwich, Peckham Rye, Queens Road, South Bermondsey.
For more information on any of the topics included in this report, contact Yvonne Leslie on 020 8929 8674 or at

Train disruption during the cold weather

Below is a message for users of Nunhead, Peckham Rye, Denmark Hill stations from SouthEastern Rail Company. They run the trains from Sevenoaks to Blackfriars and Dartford to Victoria.

to "Gibson, Mike",
cc Southwark Rail Users Group

email from Mike Gibson, SouthEastern Rail Company 
Communications survey

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Threatened rail line beats snow chaos

'Vital transport link proves its worth'  SLP report by Jenny Clover  12th Jan 2010

As many rail services were cancelled and disrupted during the cold weather, rail users reported that the one service that seemed to keep on going was the South London Line. Read the article.

inner south London Overground rail missing from Mayor's transport strategy

The Mayor's draft transport strategy does not mention at all the crucial role that Overground Rail plays in inner south London transport network system!  TfL's lack of interest and concern for this is probably why they believe it is OK to cut the South London Line from 2012 and reduce radial services into central London stations. There appears to be no joined up planning in the rail industry of these Overgound rail links as part of the local inner south London transport system. SRUG has submitted comments on the Mayor's draft strategy asking for this ommisson to be rectified. Read the comments here.

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useful map showing SLL, ELL and Victoria-Bellingham services

Here is a useful map showing the geographical relationships between the South London LineEast London Line as extended, and Victoria - Bellingham service as proposed

  • Under the original TfL plan all we would have in place of the current South London Line (the green line between Victoria and London Bridge) is the yellow line - East London Line.
  • TfL have conceded in principle that we should have a direct link into Victoria (the red line), but have said they can't pay for it. The Rail Minister (DfT) has offered to get it paid for under the train companies' new franchise from 2014 so TfL would just have to pay for under two years from 2012. They still have not conceded that. We continue to lobby the Mayor to agree this.
  • DfT and Network Rail current position is that they will not revive the London Bridge link with Victoria - the green line. The campaign to reverse that decision continues.
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Save Our Central London Rail Services

 Article from Nunhead Voice, the Nunhead Community Forum Newsletter Issue 20 Winter 2009 page 4

The campaign to Save the South London Line continues!

We have succeeded in getting the rail industry, Transport for London (TfL) and the Department for Transport (DfT) in particular, to agree we need direct links to Victoria. The details of that are progressing, but we have a way to go to ensure that action is taken. However there is a big battle still to conclude on the links to London Bridge. It is Network Rail and DfT who have the keys to that. We now know that TfL puts a very high value on east-west orbital travel eg between Clapham Junction and Shoreditch (because it is their own over-ground rail service), and a very low value on our direct links to central London rail stations.

But Network Rail and DfT also seem not to care about our links to central London stations because they have fewer numbers and lower revenue than the long distance commuter trains. This rail industry alliance is really how the decision to cut the South London Line happened. This is what we have to get reversed for the sake of a sensible integrated transport strategy for our part (Zone 2) of inner South London.

Good news is that Southwark Council agreed (4th November) a cross party motion that fully and comprehensively supports the campaign. For details, visit and click on campaign information page, and click the link there under Campaign News/Southwark Council.To keep up to date with the campaign join the mailing list

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Freedom Pass on Overground Rail

Rail users travelling with a Freedom Pass have the difficulty of being able to travel with it only after 9.30am on overground rail, even though it can be used before 9.30am on bus and tube. That is a great difficulty where the journeys, like ours from SRUG stations, usually start with the overground rail part. Negotiations between TfL and the train companies to get the Freedom Pass accepted by overground train companies will now start after Easter 2010. Read more on  MayorWatch  ...

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