This is a section to collect all pictures and text of the history of the Rye Lane West neighbourhood, and selected ones of surrounding areas. Scroll to the end for the BRG's comments on the Bellenden Renewal Scheme of 1997 to 2007,and the Council's 2005 Scrutiny report.

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Bellenden Renewal Scheme 1997 - 2007

This was a joint Central Government and local Council 10 year regeneration scheme to improve the area through encouraging improvment of private sector housing. Information about the Scheme, its background, management and impact  can be found in the 2005 report of the Council's Scrutiny Committee. The Scrutiny was at the request of the BRG.

There were a number of striking visual successes which generated much local and national media coverage. There were also a number of less visible problems which had next to no publicity. The Bellenden Residents Group asked for a Council Scrutiny to try to get some resolution and to ensure that the Council learnt the relevant lessons. The Scrutiny began in November 2004. The Bellenden Residents' Group and local residents gave evidence on 7 December 2004. The third and final meeting was on 25 January 2005. Three papers were submitted. They are:

The BRG's papers submitted to the Scrutiny are available here:

* Living with the Bellenden Renewal Scheme: notes for presentation to the Housing Scrutiny Committee 7 December 2004.

* Bellenden Scrutiny - some emerging issues.

* BRG Newsletter reports on the Renewal Scheme, 2002 to 2004. 

Letters to the Scrutiny from residents were submitted to the Committee, and they can be found in the papers for the 25 January meeting on the Council's website: Minutes of the meeting

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